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In the last two years, we have seen the rise of a lot of Battle Royale games including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty & PUBG. Speaking of Fortnite, the game was released in 2017 and is available on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, macOS, Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android.

Fortnite game features three modes – Battle Royale, Creative & Save the World. Among these, Fortnite Battle Royale is more famous and played by millions. The battle royale mode of the game features many various types of LTM (Limited Time Modes).

Under the creative mode of the game, players can create their own island & also learn different skills.

Fortnite Winterfest

Cut to now, a lot of rumors related to the shutdown of the Fortnite game are currently flourishing over the internet. Well, all those rumors are totally unture & websites or channels which are spreading this news, are only doing it for the sake of getting attention & fetching quick views.

Fortnite Shutting down

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Apart from this, there are also rumours about Minecraft & Roblox getting shut down, which are also untrue. Speaking of Fortnite, the game touched the mark of 250 million players in March 2019. Well, it is quite bizarre to think, why a game of this magnitude will shut down.

Also, the game hit a record number of concurrent Fortnite viewers in October 2019, during the Black hole event which marked the start of Fortnite Chapter 2. Fortnite Black Hole event was viewed by 7 million concurrent Fortnite players.

Fortnite Season 11

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Well these huge number of players also contribute in huge revenue generation for Epic Games. Total Fortnite revenue for 2018 is estimated at $ 2.4 billion, according to Business of Apps. For the year 2019, Fortnite clinched the top spot and generated revenue of $1.8 billion, according to Super Data.


Apart from this huge revenue generation, Epic Games has also partnered with big franchises & celebs including Marshmello, Netflix & Avengers which has further increased the popularity of the game. In December 2019, Will Hershey, CEO of Roundhill investment raised a question to Epic CEO, and asked him whether, Fortnite is a game or a platform.

Fortnitemares 2019

In response to Will Hershey question, Tim Sweeney ( Epic Games CEO) replied that it is a game but ask that question again in 12 months. He further tweeted that, more powerful creative tools are coming to Fortnite.

It means Fortnite is heading to become a platform so that creators outside of Epic can do things with the game which is currently only possible for developers. Have a look at the official tweet down below.

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Well, considering all these facts, the popular battle royale game, Fortnite is not shutting down in 2020. Also, we would like to inform our readers that they should not believe any false rumors & always check the official channels to verify the facts.

Update 1 (Jan 09)

The pranks website React2424 – which allows anyone to create and share it on social media – has now come up with a dido stating that Fortnite is shutting down due to lawsuit. And the source of this information is claimed to be a recently deleted tweet.

We are very happy that our game has made us lots of money, enough to hold up the servers. We made many people happy but sadly we are shutting down due to some recent lawsuits. Thank you for playing.


Considering the nature of this website, we suggest players not to believe any such information, if they find it circulating on social media, as it’s just a prank. There’s no such official word from Epic Games.

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