A new season usually means a brand new map! Let’s take a peek at what Epic has in store for us this season

As Fortnite Season 4 arrives, we can’t wait to see what the map will bring us.

With a Marvel theme waiting for us, the map could play a key role.


Latest News – Black Panther POI

A new location has been leaked by @HYPEX on twitter earlier today, this location is called “Panther Monument”.

fortnite season 4 panther monumentfortnite season 4 panther monumentTWITTER UPDATES – Check on Hypex’s twitter for all the latest leaks!

Above you can see the tweet from Hypex which details the upcoming location of Panther Monument!

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Does this mean we’ll be getting a Black Panther skin later in the season?


Trusted leaker HYPEX has found the map, but there looks to be little different from Season 3.

fortnite season 4 mapfortnite season 4 mapMORE THAN MEETS THE EYE? – Season 4’s map looks to be very similar

We’ll need to take a closer look in-game to see what’s changed.

New POIs

A few POIs have emerged online, as the map begins to spark into life!

We’ve seen Doom’s Domain, Sentinel Graveyard and Helicarrier!

dooms domain fortnite mindooms domain fortnite minMEET YOUR DOOM – The Fantastic 4 villain has his own POI!

These have been leaked online by @ShiinaBR, and we can’t wait to see what role they will play in Season 4, with a Dr Doom challenge already rumoured!

shield helicarrier min 1shield helicarrier min 1AGENTS OF SHIELD – It remains to be seen how the Helicarrier will work

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Marvel Theme & Release Date

The official Fortnite Twitter has just confirmed that Chapter 2 Season 4 will be Marvel themed and is arriving on Thursday, 27 August!

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 marvel theme confirmedfortnite chapter 2 season 4 marvel theme confirmedMARVEL-OUS: The new Season will be Marvel themed!

Head here to find out more about the new theme.

OId Map?

The topic of the old Fortnite map is a rather sensitive one to some players, including myself.

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Since the beginning of Chapter 2 players have been begging to go back to the old map; as it appears the current one has lost its touch.

Although we would think there is a hope Epic brings us back to the OG map, it is hard to say they ever will.

Fortnite Loot Shark Fishing Pole 1Fortnite Loot Shark Fishing Pole 1MORE WATER – Perhaps more flooding will occur?

If Epic was to bring back the old Fortnite map, we could see them implementing some sort of game mode or split season similar to Apex Legends.

Where players are able to choose which map they play for a limited time, or they even split the season up between the two maps.

Season 4 Map Changes

It is hard to say what route Epic is going to take with Season 4.

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The current season experience an ample amount of changes at the beginning of the season, but it appears the Season 2 map is coming back.

The water levels rising have revealed all the old POI’s so it is almost like nothing has changed.

Heavy AR 2 1Heavy AR 2 1WILD – Could this season bring more changes?

Looking ahead, we can expect an ample amount of map changes with the release of the new season.


As of now, we do not have any leaks or rumors to go off of for the new season.

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However, in the coming weeks we can expect a flurry of leaks to come as the season start date nears.

Any Guesses?

If we were to pinpoint one or two locations that could experience some changes next season, we would have to look at the following:

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These locations have not experienced many changes since the beginning of Chapter 2. So it would be nice to see these locations have something done to them!

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