Fortnite Venom

The Venom skin is coming to Fortnite.

Credit: Epic Games

This Marvel-themed season of Fortnite, Epic Games has released several skins as prizes for top players in the Marvel Knockout Super Series.

So far, we’ve seen three of the four Marvel Knockout skins, each of which was offered as prizes for top players in the Marvel Knockout Cup before later coming to the Item Shop (which is fun for us lower-tier players, but makes them somewhat less exciting as a prize).

The skins so far have been:

Ghost Rider
Black Widow (different than the previous Black Widow skin)

The final skin is Venom and he and his pickaxe will be available as prizes beginning tomorrow when the final Marvel Knockout Cup begins. Venom will be in Fortnite Item Shop sometime thereafter, likely around a week or so.

The Venom skin has leaked online. Here it is:

Venom Fortnite


Credit: Epic Games

That’s a pretty sweet skin. Hell, even though I’m not a top-tier player I might play in this one (if you play in all four you’ll get the Nexus Glider, but I already missed the others sadly). This time around the game mode is Duos. Teams of 2 will compete in knockout rounds using super powers to defeat opponents.

The top 1000 teams in each region will receive the skin and pickaxe. It’s worth a shot.