Owing to alternatives like Call of Duty Warzone, Twitch streamer and content creator Nickmercs quit playing Fortnite in March 2020. Being one of the most prominent content creators for FaZe Clan, this was a huge decision for the streamer and his vast audience. However, after a long break, Nickmercs recently tweeted that he wants to play Fortnite again.

“Some of the best times I’ve ever had, gaming. Considering throwin’ it back in the rotation.”

Bro I miss playing Fortnite. Some of the best times I’ve ever had, gaming. Considering throwin’ it back in the rotation.

— FaZe Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) November 14, 2020

Nickmercs finally played the game on his live stream, and from the looks of it, he loved playing it.

Nickmercs bags a victory royale in his first Fortnite game after a year

They say form is temporary, but class is permanent, and Nickmercs is a perfect example of it. Even though he was playing the game after such a long break, he took on some sweaty 1v1s and earned the Victory Royale.

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YouTube channel Daily Clips Central covered the Victory Royale’s highlights in a video.

Nickmercs enjoyed the game and was overwhelmed every time he won a gunfight. Hence, it is safe to assume this is a new beginning for the streamer and fans might see him playing Fortnite more often.

“More to come, FNCS, all that, lock me in. Appreciate the love today.” 

Had so much fun playing Fortnite today, felt just like old times. More to come, FNCS, all that, lock me in. Appreciate the love today.

— FaZe Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) November 17, 2020

One of the biggest reasons that Nickmercs loved his comeback was fellow streamer SypherPK. Both the streamers make up for one of the most popular Fortnite duos ever, and they might team up again for the upcoming Fortnite Championship Series.


— SypherPK (@SypherPK) November 17, 2020

How does the return of content creators affect Fortnite’s future?

Following its release, Fortnite ruled the gaming markets for quite a time. However, a lot of streamers and content creators quit playing the game with the onset of Chapter 2.

Moreover, SBMM has made the game too sweaty for some, and streamers could not enjoy the game while making content simultaneously. As a result, many people started claiming that ‘Fortnite is a dead game’. However, recent developments tell a different story.

Apart from Nickmercs, some of the biggest names in Fortnite like Ninja and Tfue have also returned to the game.

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Ninja and Nickmercs certainly loved their comebacks, however, the same might not be true for Tfue. Read why.

Despite some troubles in the past, Epic Games seems to have regained the trust of the content creators. On the flip side, witnessing the return of the big names who played a major role in Fortnite’s success is a delight for the fans.