Owing to a great Fortnitemares update, Fortnite celebrated one of its spookiest Halloweens in 2020. With several recent additions like Nightmare Royale and broomsticks, Epic Games certainly wanted the players to have a blast. Halloween is finally over, however, the spookiness remains.

Fortnite recently teased one of its most awaited skins ever, the Ghost Rider.

💀🔥 pic.twitter.com/gkYc4Posn7

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 1, 2020

Since the teaser, fans have been curious to get a first look at the skin. The wait is finally over because Hypex, on Twitter, has revealed the full Ghost Rider Set:

Full Ghost Rider Set! pic.twitter.com/EnzVQuAhpZ

— HYPEX 🎃 (@HYPEX) November 4, 2020

The new skin is going to light up Fortnite, literally

Ghost Rider, with its burning skull, is one of the most iconic characters in Hollywood. Owing to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics and Fox Studios, fans will now have the chance to avail the Ghost Rider skin in Fortnite.

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The new skin will not disappoint fans because it looks really authentic to the original movie character. It has the classic leather suit with spikes on the jacket, gloves and waist. Ghost Rider’s back bling, named Infernal Chain, is also lit on fire and it matches perfectly with the harvesting tool, named Soulfire Chains.

The Ghost Rider look is incomplete without its flaming bike, and the developers have taken care of that too. The bike, with burning tires and exhaust, could not have been better. The weapon and vehicle wraps are also on fire and enhance the look of the complete set significantly.

How to get the Ghost Rider Skin?

As for now, it is safe to assume that the upcoming skin will have its own tournament under the banner of Marvel Knockout Super Series. Just like the Daredevil skin, the top players in the tournament will get the Ghost Rider skin for free. There will be four cups in this series, and fans should be ready to compete for other upcoming skins too. Also, any player who takes part in all four cups will receive the special Nexus War Glider.

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Fortnite’s Marvel-based season has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews so far. It will most probably end in early December, after an epic showdown between Galactus and the Marvel superheroes.