The shotgun has been the center of controversy since the beginning of Fortnite Season 3. Both KBM and controller players heavily criticized the shotgun. However, a recent game file has been added with a modified new version of the weapon. It’s still unclear whether it will replace the old one or co-exist with it.

SypherPK recently made a video about the new weapon that has been added to Fortnite battle royale game files. He theorizes that this shotgun might come in later on in the season. The statistics of the shotgun were provided by Hypex. It looks like Epic has completely changed a few things with respect to shotgun functionality.

The Dragon shotgun, as it is being called, will bridge the gap between the current shotgun and the pump-action hard-hitting one. At least that’s what Sypher believes. 

Epic to include new shotgun in Fortnite

Sypher says the current state of the shotguns is pretty poor. With Season 3, players are unsure of carrying a shotgun. About this new one, Sypher said, “I was looking at the stats for the shotgun, and it looks very different from what we have seen in the past.” He compared it with the gold, mythic, and legendary versions. 

“Body damage at close range is set at 140.” The good thing about this one is that it doesn’t have a charge mechanic. We also learned that this gun has four ammo space and takes 4 seconds to reload. Here is where it gets interesting – it shoots four bullets at the same time, making it one of those one-shot-kill guns.

Epic is trying to balance things when it comes to guns

“In my opinion, this wouldn’t be a replacement for the pump. The beauty of the pump is that it was a hard-hitting shotgun.” We would definitely agree with Sypher as the pump was the best shotty in the game. 

Sypher feels this gun might be an upgrade on the Drum shotgun. Regardless, it is good to see that Epic is responding to the community promptly. Since the beginning of season 3, people wanted some variation with the shotguns.