Fortnite battle royale currently has FNCS going. Even the Contender Cash Cup is on as well. The previous week we saw Tfue helping out Aydan to get his first victory in the FNCS Solo Invitationals. This week they treated us to something we all had been waiting two years for. Finally, Tfue and Aydan went head to head in a 1v1. 

The battle defined every iteration of the word “intense,” Tfue was not going to give up, and neither was Aydan. Both of them fought tooth and nail to grab a victory over the other, and it went down to the wire. However, Tfue won, in the end, showing who the boss is. 

For Fortnite fans, we know that this match was long overdue. When Tfue coached Aydan last week, most of us predicted this 1v1 would happen soon enough. It was superb, although it seemed like Tfue was hardly coping with the glider redeploy. His build fighting style is to do a lot of side jumps, and his glider kept coming out.

Tfue and Aydan duke it out in Fortnite

Tfue took the game 10-9 with what might seem like a close shave. Especially the last round sent chills down our spine. The circle was closing, Aydan had the higher ground. We saw something quite brilliant there. While the entire match was as fair and balanced as it could be, the last round changed it all. 

Aydan took the higher ground, and he knew Tfue was low, so he played overly competitive so that Tfue doesn’t die to the storm. Tfue made several mistakes in the early rounds. Nevertheless, he picked up the tempo in the later rounds. Tfue was always the king of the high-ground, but Aydan sure did give him a good run. 

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Keyboard and controller debate rages on

While neither of them mentioned this, but both of them were on different setups. Tfue as usual on his keyboard and Aydan on his controller. Most of us kept wondering whether that debate would start. However, it kind of showed us the unity in the community. 

At the end of the day, it really does not matter if a player is on a keyboard or controller. What matters is how much the player grinds at the game and learns from their mistakes.