For anyone who’s played PUBG before knows that it’s the one game that has lived up to its hype. The thrill of dodging, finding and finally killing all your enemies gives you that much-needed adrenaline rush. After all, who doesn’t like sniping and throwing bombs in virtual life? But what if we challenge you to win the Chicken Dinner without killing anyone?

That’s exactly how we challenged Naman Mathur a.k.a. Mortal who is well known for his PUBG gameplays. He’s won numerous Chicken Dinners, wiped off squads after squads single-handedly, killed enemies by jumping on top of them with just a grenade and let’s not get started about his headshot skills. But this time we challenged him to take the Zero Kill challenge and sneak his way into victory. We armed him with OnePlus’ new offering – the OnePlus 7 Pro to help him get the task done.

Will he get his chicken dinner this time or will he die at the hands of his enemies? Watch the video to know.