Online battle royale game Fortnite appears to have no shortage of events and activities to keep users coming back for more. Fortnite Hype Nite is one such event that will help skilled online gamers earn a large number of rewards and the upcoming event has become the talk of the town. With such a massive fan following and participants galore, it makes you wonder, what is Fortnite Hyper Nite?

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What is Fortnite Hyper Nite? Fortnite Hype Nite 2020

Fortnite Hype Nite is a competitive online gaming event that takes place at different times around the year. The game allows all players to participate and play matches against some of the best Fortnite players in the game. Players compete against each other to become the champion of their league and earn Hype points. The next Fortnite Hype Nite event begins on July 19 and will conclude on August 16. 

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Fortnite Hype Nite 2020: Fortnite Hype Nite rules

The participants for the upcoming Fortnite Hype Nite 2020 event will be separated into three different leagues to compete in, based on their Hype points. The entrants with no Hype or less than 1,500 Hype points will compete in a division of the Open League, while those with anywhere between 1,500 – 6,000 Hype points will compete in the Contender League. Only those with more than 6,000 Hype points will be eligible to compete in the Champion League, with a chance to rank on the leaderboard among the elite level of gamers. To be eligible to participate in any Hype Nite event, a player needs to be over 13 years of age. 

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Fortnite Hype Nite live: Boosting Hype points

Each Fortnite Hype Nite live session will have a three-hour time window in which players will be allowed to join matches. However, once the window closes, the players won’t be able to participate in the event anymore during that day. In order to boost Hype points prior to the competition, users must be on the lookout for Solo Hype Nites, which are held randomly in the game every Friday and Saturday. Participating in these single-round games will give users a better chance to boost their Hype points, with the opportunity to get a better ranking in the leagues.

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Fortnite Hype Nite prize pool

Players that are interested can participate in all of the upcoming events to earn hype points on Fortnite. Here is the Fortnite Hype Nite prize pool for entrants based on their placement within the leaderboard at the conclusion of the applicable session: 

Top 1%        500 Hype
Top 5%        375 Hype
Top 10%      250 Hype
Top 20%      190 Hype
Top 50%      125 Hype

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