What is PUBG PTS? Players are consistently tantalized by the extra content being pushed to the PTS, but are just as often confused about what it is. Here’s what you need to know about the PTS.

What is PUBG PTS? What You Need to Know

The PUBG PTS stands for Public Test Server. It’s a server separate from the standard PUBG server that PUBG Corp uses to test out new features before letting the entire player base try it. This allows them to iron out some of the bugs that are bound to crop up whenever new features are added.

PUBG Corp tends to open the PTS for a couple of weeks at a time ahead of major updates, allowing a window for players to get in and try new content before it goes to live servers.

The PTS is available on all PUBG platforms and for all players. On PC, players can access it by finding it in their Steam library and installing it separately. On consoles, the PTS must be sought out on that platform’s digital store.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp