What is Tier Protection in PUBG? The feature has been present in PUBG Mobile for some time now, and helps players preserve their ranks even if they run into a spate of bad luck. Here’s what you need to know.

since pubg today doing “tier protection ” so leggo rank upp without worries

— Ir4n4 ▪??▪WOLO▪ (@PopcornCatcher3) May 24, 2019

What is Tier Protection in PUBG?

Tier Protection becomes active in PUBG Mobile whenever a player ranks up. In the new rank, the player will receive one a few free games in which a loss won’t result in a lowered rank. Tier Protection reactivates every time a player reaches a new rank, helping to maintain ranks rather than punishing players for bad luck on their first round of a new rank.

PUBG Mobile is currently offering a special, temporary event mode that offers Tier Protection for several games regardless of rank, provided the player teams up with a friend. Log in now to hot drop free of risk.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp