Prepare to suit up and see some Pacific Rim-like mecha battles later today in Fortnite: Battle Royale as a new event is quickly approaching.

The event, which has been teased for many weeks now through a countdown timer on the top of all the sky platforms on the map, promises a massive bust-up between a man-made mecha that looks straight out of Power Rangers against an unknown entity.

But when does it start?

The event is set to begin at 1PM CT/7PM GMT and will finally see the giant Teddy Bear robot come up against Polar Peak’s Monster. Not much else is really known about the event though as leakers have banded together to not spoil the cinematic showdown that will take place later today.

What will likely happen closer to the event is Epic will launch a new game mode where players will join a lobby that will stop players from being able to kill each other when the event goes live, leaving players to enjoy whatever will happen.

Let’s just hope the event goes off without any issues this time around though. Season eights big volcano eruption event didn’t exactly go well, with many players unable to join in or watch the cinematic due to a bug in some servers. So here is hoping that doesn’t happen again.