When does the next PUBG Xbox Patch come out? Console players have been clamoring to get their hands on new PUBG content, and this month both a new weapon and a vehicle are being added to the game. So when can we expect the update to go live?

PUBG Xbox Patch Date

According to a tweet by the official PUBG Twitter account, the update should be going live on the PTS on July 23, and it will be live on Xbox One and PS4.

A full patch preview, which includes information about the Deagle and the BRDM-2, are up on the PUBG website. While the Deagle and BRDM-2 are new content in the game, most of the other changes are quality of life updates. For example, players will benefit from improved loot sorting, and there will be a new option to auto replace weapon skins.

More recently we’ve heard news about an upcoming matchmaking system update, which should be hitting PC and consoles soon.

Cover Image Courtesy of PUBG Corporation