Fortnite Season 10 is on the horizon, and will likely put an end to the futuristic theme of the game’s ninth series that saw revamped locations, Fortbytes, and all manner of challenges and loot to horde.

So what exactly is in store?

While details of new season content are usually kept under wraps by developers Epic Games until launch, all manner of clues, teasers and hints have been floating around, and the rumour mill is in full swing.

Here’s what we know so far:

What’s the ‘story’ heading into Season 9?

While Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode – being a multiplayer game – doesn’t have a story per-se, Epic Games tend to keep things interesting.

They updated the map and set into motion in-game events, which spell out a sort of meta-narrative for the fans to pick apart.

Most changes to the game implemented in new seasons are explained in some way through these events.

We’re a little too far out from Season 10 for anything major to have happened, but there have been a few strange events that could provide us with some hints as to the meta of Season 10.

A few weeks in to Season 9, a giant eye appeared in Polar Peak’s mountain, swinging its beady pupil towards anyone who dropped by for a look.

There are theories that suggest this eye might be connected to some kind of giant monster lying dormant under Fortnite’s island, which could burst out ahead of Season 10, changing large swathes of the map permanently.

When does Fortnite Season 10 start?

(Image: Epic Games)

Generally, Fortnite’s seasons run for 10 weeks.

So, since Season 9 of the game began on 9 May, that would put Season 10’s estimated start date on or around 18 July.

However, when Season 9 was listed on the PlayStation 4 store, it was detailed as running until 1 August.

We’ve seen a couple of previous seasons ‘run over’ their 10 week run-time, with a couple of weeks of ‘overtime challenges’ while Epic Games get the updates in shape.

Adding further credence to the fact that Season 9 will run for 12 weeks are the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

They were originally scheduled to be played in Season 10, but Epic ensured the event will be played in Season 9.

Either way, Season 10 is a little way off yet.

Will I have to upgrade my computer?

If you’ve been running Fortnite on an older PC, you may have to upgrade your machine before you can jump into Season 10.

That’s because Epic Games have confirmed that, starting with Season 10, the PC version of Fortnite will require a graphics card capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11.

“While a DirectX 11-capable graphics card has always been one of Fortnite’s system requirements,” they said, “we’ve kept support online for players with older graphics cards – so they could keep playing!”

(Image: Epic Games)

When Season 10 begins, Fortnite will no longer be compatible with these older graphics cards.

“This allows us to focus our development and testing efforts to further optimize the Fortnite experience for all players,” said Epic.

Here’s how to check whether you need to upgrade or not:

1. Press the Windows key + R
2. In the command box, type ‘dxdiag’ and press enter
3. The dialog box will display your current version of DirectX; if the number is lower than 11, you will need to purchase a new graphics card in order to play Fortnite Season 10.

How much is a Battle Pass?

As usual, all players will be able to enjoy Season 10 of Fortnite for free, and even partake in some of the weekly challenges, but to get the most out of it you might want to opt for a Battle Pass.

It’s expected that the Battle Pass will once again deliver 100 tiers to progress through by completing challenges and gaining in-game experience, with loot to unlock along the way

There will be new cosmetics to unlock, meaning you’ll be able to customise your character’s look even more.

The Battle Pass will likely cost 950 V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency).

The cheapest pack of V-Bucks you can buy is 1,000 for £7.99.