Since the crazy Fortnite x Star Wars event a few weeks ago, players have been able to find Lightsabers scattered across the map to help them in their question of a Royale Victory.

But when exactly are the overpowered weapons of the Sith and Jedi expected to leave the game for good? After all, good things can’t last forever.

Well, according to prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Lightsabers are currently scheduled to be removed on Jan. 7, of course, though this is not confirmed and could change any time in the future.

It is also worth noting that HYPEX only states that they will be removed from default game modes like Solos, Duos, etc, so they could still be in the game in the form of a Star Wars LTM or future LTM game similar to what we saw with the Avengers and Thanos stuff.

The removal of Lightsabers could also, in theory, collide with the next season of content for the game when Chapter Two, Season Two begins sometime next month.