The second to last water level decrease took place today, July 30, bringing the Season 3 map a lot closer to what it looked like during Season 2. Sure, we have some new POIs, but all of the locations that have surfaced over the course of the season were there to begin with – at least, so far.

The most obvious change in this update was the lowering of the water levels at Sweaty Sands. This was one of the locations that was protected by No Sweat Insurance – so it’s always been a viable landing spot. Now, the area will look a bit more familiar. The buried treasure on the beach is, once again, attainable for players who want to go digging for loot.

A flooded Sweat Sands from earlier in the season

Camp Cod also experienced some drainage. It poked its tip out of the water last week, but today’s water level change brought it 100% back to normal. A lot of the area shows signs of the flood, but the chests have returned to where they were and it, again, makes for an awesome place to land in Arena Mode.

Surprisingly, The Rig seems to have lost some land with this update. The only island that’s left from the original Rig is the one that houses the vault.

The Shark is back, but it’s in shambles. You can land there for some decent loot, but it’s a far cry from how it was back in Season 2. RIP Skye and Ollie. It was a fun ride with you two.

There have been some smaller map changes as well. The boat houses on the shore to the south of Holly Hedges have returned, The Fortilla seems to have moved, slightly, and another gas station has popped-up at Sweaty Sands.

We’re, reportedly, only a few days away from the Atlantis POI coming to the game. According to data miners, this should happen on August 1, which could be when we see cars as well – although this is probably wishful thinking. We’ll keep you posted when the final water levels change on August 1.