Fortnite’s new Creative mode is an open sandbox that allows users to fly around, and experiment with anything they want with the Fortnite structures, and even create their own custom game modes. Players have the ability to create their own islands and publish game modes likes skirmishes, kart races or simply recreate their favourite video game maps.

Epic Games has now featured a new creative hub that comes with an exciting challenge. The challenge is pretty straightforward and tasks players with locating a bunch of secret fossils. To kick off the creative hub challenge, you will first need to speak with a small red Triceratops named Sarah. You should be able to find her near the featured portals below a huge T-Rex. Once you approach her, she will tell you that her friend Rex actually needs some help. Here, you simply need to accept the challenge to proceed.

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The task will require you to gather a total of 5 fossils for Sarah which will ultimately allow Rex to move. These fossils are grey rocks featuring tiny bones on them. So, let’s take a look at how you can find these secret fossils in Fortnite creative.

Where are all the Fossils in Fortnite?

Fossil 1

The first fossil is fairly easy to spot. You will find it near a huge tusk that is sticking out of the base, next to the creator map, Bow Blast.

Fossil 2

After grabbing your first fossil, you will need to go towards the bottom left area of the map where you will spot a map directing you to a cave. Follow the instructions and you will find your next fossil lying in the backside of the cave.

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Fossil 3

For your next fossil, you need to get out of the cave area. Now, you will see two T-Rex (large and small). Go towards the small T-Rex to find the third fossil lying right underneath.

Fossil 4

From the above location, you will need to head towards the lower right area of the map. Near the matchmaking hub, you should see a purple dinosaur. Go towards its tail to collect your fourth fossil.

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Fossil 5

To collect the final fossil, go towards the right side of the map. Here, you will find a massive skeleton of a scary dinosaur. The fossil will be lodged into its eye. So go ahead and grab it.

After collecting the fossils, go back to Sarah. Once you get there, you will be assigned another task of finding a secret key that is hidden in a cavern. The place is located at the bottom of the new map. Head over to the cave and you will find a bunch of vines hanging from the roof with a key attached to it. Obtain the key to complete the challenge.

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Image credits: Epic Games