Boom’s Sniper Rifle is a highly powerful weapon in Fortnite Season 5, but it can be tricky for players to find if they don’t know where to look.

Boom’s Exotic Sniper Rifle is a new sniper variant introduced in Fortnite Season 5, and there is only of this highly powerful rifle available per matchmaking it a valuable weapon to obtain. However, being an exotic weapon in Fortnite Season 5 means it is a bit harder to obtain than other weapons. This guide will help players locate and obtain Boom’s Sniper Rifle.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is one of the most ambitious seasons to date with the introduction of NPCs. These NPCs can be found scattered around the map and have a variety of uses. They can assign players quests, initiate bounties for other players, trade items and weapons for gold, and some even offer players rare exotic weapons. Each NPC offers unique items and challenges making it important for players to learn what each one offers and where to find them. Boom’s Exotic Sniper Rifle is one such weapon that can only be obtained from a specific NPC.

How To Get Boom’s Sniper Rifle In Fortnite Season 5

fortnite season 5 splode npc location

Boom’s Exotic Sniper Rifle can be obtained from Splode, an NPC located in or around a measly shack found on an island north-east of Stealthy Stronghold. This island is pretty barren and not many people land there due to its lack of supplies. However, Splode’s presence makes the small island a lot more interesting. Sadly, nothing Splode offers is free and will come at a steep price that players may not want to pay. Before heading to Splode’s island, players will want to have collected a hearty amount of gold bars.

While Boom’s Exotic Sniper Rifle is a coveted weapon to have, it comes at a price. Players will have to pay Splode 1,225 gold bars in exchange for the exotic rifle, and no, they can’t duel him for it. Some NPCs allow players to fight them in exchange for a legendary or epic weapon, but all exotic weapons have to be bought with cold hard cash. Luckily, the amount of gold a player has accumulates from round to round, but over a grand in gold is still a steep price to pay. Regardless, visiting Splode’s shabby little shack is the only way to get Boom’s Sniper Rifle.

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