Fortnite has returned with the latest batch of weekly challenges where fans can participate in a bunch of tasks for an opportunity to level up their Season 4 Battle Pass and earn plenty of XP. The Fortnite challenges for Week 9 are now live on servers, meaning you can log into the title and start completing all the challenges right away.

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One of the Fortnite challenges available this week tasks players with collecting floating rings at Steamy Stacks. If you have been playing the battle royale game for quite a while, you must be already familiar with the challenge as it was previously available during the last season. You are required to collect a total of five floating rings at the Steamy Stacks while dealing with the enemies. So, if you are having trouble completing the challenge, this guide will help you complete the task in no time.

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How to collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks?

To collect your very floating ring, you will need to drop at the far western end of Steamy Stacks. You will find the ring floating on top of a building. From here, you can progress onto your second ring, which is on top of a pillar of an adjacent building. To grab your third floating ring, head towards the southern part and you will find one floating on top of a huge pipe.

The fourth one is located right between the second and third rings under a central building hanging below a crane. Lastly, you will obtain the final ring by heading towards the top right corner of Steamy Stacks inside a building.

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You can complete the “Floating Rings” challenge along with six other Fortnite challenges that have been added to the game for Week 9 of Chapter 2, Season 4. However, before you dive into the challenges, you need to make sure that you have the new Battle Pass for the season. Completing these challenges will not only allow players to level up their Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass but also unlock a bunch of exciting rewards. The Fortnite Week 9 challenges can be accessed across all major platforms including the Xbox One, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices.

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Image credits: InTheLittleWood | YouTube