The Hop Rock Duelies can be purchased from an NPC named Cole in exchange for Gold Bars. Here’s where to find Cole and buy the Hope Rock Duelies.

Fortnite has mastered ‘new content’ as there seems to be something added to the game almost every week. The game keeps its dedicated fans on the lookout for new content, from new weekly challenges to downloadable skins.

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Fortnite’s most recent patch, released on January 13th, added two new weapons into the game. The weekly challenges have been updated, and we can assume some minor bugs have been worked out. The big news in this most recent update is the addition of two new weapons and the Predator Skin confirmed to be coming soon. One of those weapons is The Hop Rock Duelies. Here’s where players can find these duel wield pistols in Fortnite.

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Where to find the Hop Rock Duelies in Fortnite

This isn’t the first time that Duel Pistols have been added to the game. However, the Hop Rock Duelies come with a unique passive ability that allows players to jump considerably higher than normal. Players know all too well the advantage of acrobatics in Fortnite, especially when traversing between rooftops or infiltrating enemy structures.

The Hope Rock Duelies will not be found in chests, even legendary ones. Players will have to spend gold bars at an NPC names Cole who will spawn in one of two locations around the map. Players can find Cole in the following locations:

Campsite north of Retail RowA Cabin in Shipwreck Cove

Once in the general area, players will see the NPC’s marking, the three-dotted speech bubble, pop up on their maps. Interact with Cole and purchase the Hop Rock Duelies in exchange for 500 Gold Bars. This is a steep price to pay, especially when Gold Bars are harder to come by for more casual players. There are strategic ways in which to farm Gold Bars should players need more.

The Hop Rock Duelies come with an 18 round clip and deal 43 damage to the body. They will use medium bullets and have a quick reload time.  However, it’s the pistol’s passive ability that makes them incredible. After firing, players will enter a state of low gravity in which they are impervious to fall damage. They can jump considerably higher than normal and easily vault over any enemies on the ground level.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time players have used duel pistols in Fortnite. Players probably remember Deadpool’s Duel Handcannons when he officially crossed over into Forntie back in April of 2020.

Be sure to hop on Fortnite’s new weekly challenges to grind XP and level up the battle pass. Given their history, Epic Games most likely has a plethora of new additions ready to roll out in the coming months. Hopefully, players are enjoying displaying the Wakanda Salute as Kratos while using the Mandalorian’s iconic sniper rifle.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Android, and Last-Gen.

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