At Stark Industries, Fortnite players will find an unassuming lake house. If they can discover the hidden garage door, they will find Tony’s lab.

By now, Fortnite players are likely familiar with Stark Industries, the new POI that took over Frenzy Farms earlier in Season 4. The location is home to NPC boss Tony Stark, one of the more difficult bosses Fortnite has ever included. Most challenges related to the Stark Industries POI have players exploring the main building in the southern part of the POI. However, during Week 7, players will need to bypass the main building, the boss, and even the Vault if they want to earn 25,000 XP.

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One Weekly Challenge asks players to find Tony Stark’s secret Lake House Lab. From the title, players can correctly assume this lab is located near the lake at the Stark Industries POI. Players will need to enter a cabin and find a secret door or break straight through the floor to locate the lab. Here, it seems, Tony has been trying out some of his suits and gadgets. The challenge is not particularly difficult, provided players know where to look. Here’s how to find Tony Stark’s Laboratory in Fortnite Season 4.

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Find Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Lab in Fortnite

Map location of Tony Stark's hidden Lake House Lab in Fortnite Season 4

Players can seek this location as soon as they exit the Battle Bus. They will want to land at the Stark Industries POI and aim for the cabin at the location circled in the map above. It is the house on the northeastern side of the POI, just southwest of Steamy Stacks on the border of G2 and G3.

Once players land, they’ll need to go around to the side of the cabin. There, they’ll find a collection of bushes. They’ll need to break down these bushes using a harvesting tool, earning some Wood in the process, to reveal a hidden garage door. They will also need to break this down.

Tony Stark's lab and plans in Fortnite Season 4

Once inside, players will have access to some loot and will be able to take a look around at some of Tony’s suits and new inventions. The challenge should register as complete, and players will earn 25,000 XP.

Alternatively, if players are dealing with opponents at the cabin, or they have trouble finding the door, they can enter the cabin and break through the floor. It is likely players will meet opponents here, as many players will want to earn as much XP as possible to finish unlocking the exclusive Season 4 Marvel-themed cosmetics by Week 10. One way to avoid this might be to complete the challenge in the quieter Team Rumble mode to prevent too many players from lingering in the location.

Once players complete this challenge, they will be near Craggy Cliffs, where they can make 3 eliminations to earn another 25,000 XP and complete another Week 7 Challenge.

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