Everything you must know about why FaZe Jarvis was and still is permanently banned from Fortnite by Epic Games.

Fortnite has been a breath of fresh air ever since the arrival of Chapter 2 despite Ninja’s concerns about its future, but – away from news about the actual game – Epic Games has caused some major controversy by permanently banning FaZe Jarvis.

The popular FaZe clan player announced that he has been banned from Fortnite on Twitter and this resulted in a lot of replies asking why.

Below you’ll discover the answer as to why he has been permanently banned from the Battle Royale title by Epic Games. Only after learning the crux of the issue will you then be able to make a subjective judgement as to whether or not the severe punishment is warranted.

Why was FaZe Jarvis banned from Fortnite?

FaZe Jarvis is permanently banned from Fortnite for cheating via using an aimbot program during solo and playground matches.

All of this was done on an alternate account with none of the shenanigans taking place in competitive bouts according to Jarvis himself.

In an “I’m sorry” video too many YouTubers publish nowadays only after they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the FaZe player explained why he has been banned.

“I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I’ve actually been banned on Fortnite for life,” said Jarvis.

“Recently, I’ve posted some videos of me using aimbot in solos and playground mode. All I was thinking about while making those videos is how entertaining and, like interesting, these videos would be for you guys to watch. It didn’t even cross my mind I could be banned for life from Fortnite for it.”

Regardless what you think about the explanation and apology that has probably only come about from being caught, it’s arguably a harsh and over-the-top punishment from Epic Games when Damion XXiF was only banned for a mere two weeks as a result of farming kills.

Iknow it hurts to feel like everything you worked so hard for was just taken away from you in an instance. It will get better soon. You made a mistake, you’ll learn from it and come back strong. Head up bruv, you got so many people behind ya ✊

— Nate Hill (@NateHillTV) 3 November 2019


Thanks to Jarvis being an established and well liked player with 1.96 million subscribers on YouTube, there has been a lot of support for him in hopes of getting his permanent ban receded.

This has resulted in a colossal amount of #FreeJarvis tweets on the social media platform, although not everyone is in agreement with the proposal of having Epic Games lift their permaban.

so people cheat in the world cup qualifiers for a chance at 3 million dollars and a guaranteed $50k and only get 2 week bans … then Jarvis does something little for fun for content for his channel and he gets perma banned? wtf man shit isnt right #FreeJarvis ☹️

— Ex (@ExSZN) November 3, 2019

What fortnite did to jarvis is so bad. He doesn’t deserve that. He’s made such an impact on the fortnite community and for them to just take it all away like that is dumb. He deserves another chance!! #FreeJarvis

— kybo (@oKybo_) November 3, 2019

#FreeJarvis two grown ass men cheated in a 30 million dollar tournament and fortnite gave em 50 grand and ur gonna tell me this 16 y/o kid gets perma banned for his whole life when he cheats?!?!?!

— JFree (@_JFree) November 3, 2019

To all the #FreeJarvis idiots, Do you all endorse and support cheating? Don’t come with ‘Content Creator’ bullshit either, they are not exempt from the TOS and should EVEN MORE be promoting sportsmanship and fair play, not the crap he caught on. @FortniteGame – Perma ban him!!!

— akaBorg (@aka_Borg) November 3, 2019

In regard to whether the permanent ban is justified or not, there’s no denying that Jarvis has violated Epic Games’ terms of service as he’s even admitted the crime himself.

With that being said, the permanent ban is hard to swallow when more mischievous cheaters have only been given light smacks around the head in comparison.

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