FaZe Sway took to Twitter yesterday to reveal he has been banned from Fortnite – but fans think it was a prank!

If you’re a fan of the FaZe Clan, then you were probably pretty devastated when you saw that FaZe Sway was banned from Creative mode on Fortnite. But don’t get too upset, because fans have a theory that it was all fake.

That’s right, it seems like FaZe Sway was playing a prank on his followers – and a lot of people fell for it!

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Who is FaZe Sway?

FaZe Sway is a professional Fortnite player who rose to fame as part of the FaZe Clan.

The FaZe Clan is a professional gaming and e-sports organisation that consists of over 30 members who all make gaming content on their 8.2 million subscriber YouTube channel.

The 16-year-old from Puerto Rico also has his own channel with over 3.5 million subscribers.

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Faze Sway revealed he got banned from Fortnite

Faze Sway took to his Twitter account yesterday (July 31st) to reveal some pretty big news.

He posted a screenshot that revealed he had been banned from the Creative mode on Fortnite. But it wasn’t just a small ban, it says it’s for 3,648 days, 21 hours and 14 minutes, which equates to 10 whole years!

He captioned the photo “WHAT THE F*CK” but then didn’t give any more information about the reasoning behind the ban.

Why did FaZe Sway get banned? Fans think it’s fake!

So why did FaZe Sway get banned from Fortnite for such a long time? Well, the answer is, he didn’t! Whilst it did fool many people, others instantly realised that the screenshot was fake.

Many fans started noticing that you could see a red line at the bottom of the photo which looked like it had been taken from a YouTube video. People then started replying to the photo with screenshots of the mysterious red line, saying things like “ummm what is this”, “nice try boi” and “all good it’s from a YouTube video”.

Then, a small Fortnite YouTuber called FDO revealed that FaZe Sway had actually stolen the screenshot from his video. He tweeted: “FaZe Sway stole my banning photo. It’s legit the same exact photo.”

So don’t worry, FaZe Sway wasn’t actually banned from Fortnite – and his prank was a total fail!

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