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Credit: Epic Games

Shortly after Season 10 (or X) launched here in Fortnite: Battle Royale, people noticed something interesting. Since the dawn of time, or at least Season 3, there have been 10 full weeks of weekly challenges in every season of this game, all of which were shown on the challenge screen from the start of the season. Season X, however, is a little different: we’re now in Week 9, and it’s actually the last of these weeks listed on the main screen, with the theoretical Week 10 mission nowhere to be found. So will there be 10 weeks in Season X of Fortnite: Battle Royale?

We’ve checked with Epic Games and can confirm that there will be, in fact, 10 weeks in Season X of Fortnite, and so you shouldn’t expect Season 11 to launch next Thursday, like you might guess given the current status of the challenge screen.

What we can’t say is that there will be a full 10 weeks of challenges, at least in the sense of how they’ve been presented every week so far. I haven’t seen any dataminers that have found something that looks like a standard mission for the final week of the season, but people have found what are called “Out of Time” challenges, which appear to correlate to Overtime challenges in past seasons. They’re a little different, however, and they do have a theme along the lines of the rest of this season’s missions. They all have something to do with the Visitor, who’s now back in a much beefier form called “The Scientist“. Several of the challenges have to do with locating recordings in various points of interest around the map.

So it seems that these challenges have something to do with the end of season event, which we know has something to do with the Visitor. We’ve also seen indications that this season will end on a Sunday, which indicates that the start of the season won’t be an early morning drop like usual, but will instead come along with a big, explosive event that could kick off Season 11 immediately afterward. That means that we might not have a full week to finish these Out of Time challenges, unless they drop early.

Fortnite has hewn pretty close to its season-long schedules ever since Epic established the basic format in Season 4. It seems like the developer is switching things up this time around, however, so keep an eye out for things moving a little more quickly than you might expect.