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Just because you have your Wolverine skin unlocked in Fortnite doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have many uses in the game, and on top of offering one of the best Mythic weapons in the game, he can actually be used to farm challenges.

It’s no secret that Wolverine is one of the strongest bosses in the game, he might actually be the toughest, and as a result he can take quite a beating. It’s likely that somebody who has tried to take on this fearsome foe as a solo player has succumbed to his attacks.

Keep in mind that completing 60 weekly challenges will get you the Logan variant style, and some of the challenges do require you to deal a certain amount of damage with certain weapons.

For example, Week 8 wants you to deal 15,000 damage to opponents with assault rifles or snipers. Did you know that it works on Wolverine?

Wolverine is an Excellent Bullet Sponge

A few weeks ago, Wolverine was the bane of my existence. Now, he’s my personal AR damage farm. from FortNiteBR

Reddit user Ikcatcher revealed that you can accomplish all of these challenges by just destroying Wolverine.

For the assault rifle challenge, you can just post up in a cozy spot by Slurpy Swamp and hope Wolverine is there. From that point, you can just laser him and hope he heals himself in the swamp so you can repeat the process.

It’s obviously a very cheesy method, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Lots of Challenges Work on NPCs

Another challenge from the most recent week will ask players to eliminate enemies while jumping. This one can also be done on the NPCs wandering around the island.

Now, you likely won’t want to try this one on Wolverine because the only thing you’ll accomplish there is going back to the lobby at record speed.

However, the Stark and Doom henchmen are pretty week on their own, and don’t sport Mythic items, so you can definitely dish out damage quite fast on them.

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