On May 22, Team India left for England to start their 2019 World Cup campaign. Before the 15-member squad hopped on to the plane, many of the players were seen engrossed with their smart devices. After looking at the screen, we discovered they were playing the popular battle royale game called PUBG. The sight of some of the top players in the country playing PUBG brought tears to our eyes. We have quite a few PUBG addicts at our office as well. As a result, we couldn’t help but run the game and find out which of our current crop of cricketers look similar to some of the avatars in the game.


Shikhar Dhawan



Though he wasn’t spotted playing the game, Shikhar was seated next to Mohammed Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumar who were hooked. Still, after starting up PUBG on our phones, we discovered an avatar that looked pretty much like the star batsman.


Hardik Pandya



Hardik confessed that he has a very Jamaican lifestyle. Besides that, he changes his hairstyle more often than we change weapons in PUBG. We could probably use up all the hairstyles PUBG has to offer and Pandya would still have us beat. Though this avatar looks slightly western, there are similarities to Hardik’s look.


Dinesh Karthik



DK is the team’s second wicketkeeper. He usually sports a thick dark beard and a generous amount of hair. PUBG doesn’t have dark hair settings, but you can’t disagree that DK is right up there!


KL Rahul



Rahul has a dark beard that is angled into a sharp point in front of his chin. He also has his hair trimmer at the sides, much like the model on this screenshot. Rahul is India’s top choice for the fourth spot in the batting lineup. He can also double as an opener.


Virat Kohli + Ravindra Jadeja



In real life, Jadeja and Kohli could not have looked any more different. But in PUBG, the two cricketers look eerily similar to this model. It has both Kohli and Jadeja’s beard. But when it comes to the hairstyle, it has got a lot of Jadeja’s flair than Kohli’s.


PUBG is one of the most played video games on the planet. It did come under a lot of scrutiny when people started going overboard and ruined their lives, but even then, it’s a pretty cool game. Some of the Indian cricketers seem to unwind themselves with it. As for the World Cup, Team India will be playing their first match on June 5.