Fortnite has lost its way a little in recent times. Massively popular ever since it released in 2017, a ton of gamers flocked to it soon. With over 250 million players in total, as reported in March of 2019, it’s hard to argue with the popularity. However, there is a downside to it; you have to keep that massive player base happy at all times.

Not all fans have taken to the changes and the direction that the game has taken in recent times. As the concerns grow, a large part of the user-base voiced their discontent, resulting in the hashtag #RIPFortnite trending on Twitter.

So what do you guys think about the #RipFortnite hashtag that was trending last night?

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Wow #RipFortnite Trending!

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What’s gone wrong with Fortnite?

As with any game, Fortnite has its share of issues and that can result in a grumpy section of fans. Every player has qualms with an issue or bug that they cannot live with, and Fortnite has quite a few of them.

First off, many users are not happy with the skill-based match-making. This is a polarizing point if there ever was one. But a lot of users are complaining that the game is no longer fun as it used to be, due to the SBMM. When it first came ut, Fortnite was all about having fun. The game mechanics and graphics all were somewhat goofy yet immensely fun to play with. However, with many pro players taking to it, and a variety of competitions now in place, it is shifting away from its casual roots.

Crossplay is another aspect in the game that has simply blown the top off many players. PC gamers are unhappy with the aim-assist that gamers on controllers get. While aim-assist is necessary for controllers, perhaps Epic Games needs to seriously consider making a change here. One option could be to nerf down the aim-assist for controllers on PC.

Ninja, the immensely popular streamer, may also have a bit to do with it. Ninja had played a part in making Fortnite popular too. His legion of fans were devoted to the game because of him.

In recent times, though, Ninja has been quite miffed with the game. It is a well-documented fact now so I won’t dive into the details, but you can check it out here. His biggest issue has been the aim-assist on controllers, which he believes to be as good as hacking.

when times were simple but fun… #RipFortnite

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In its early days, Fortnite developers were enthusiastic about updating the game frequently. Bringing in new content consistently kept the interest of the players at peak. These days, the developers seem to be happy letting the users soak in the same content.

While some say the developers are not doing enough with the new content, others say they going over the top. Finding a middle ground here is going to be vital for Epic Games.

Another factor contributing to this disinterest towards Fortnite is the competition in the battle royale genre. Games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone and a few others have attracted players.

What this does, is it gives the users a different feel for the battle royale. Sure, some revert back to Fortnite, seeing as it best suited them, but many others are seeing the positives in these other titles that they deem are missing in Fortnite.

.@FortniteGame how to stop #RipFortnite from trending

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Developers need to take action

When a game rises in popularity in such a meteoric manner, it is always going to be difficult to maintain that trajectory. At some point, it’s going to plummet, or at the very least, stagnate. Every game comes with its share of issues. What matters is how eager the developers are to keep their users happy.

In Fortnite’s case, they don’t seem all too eager as in the early days. They are not too interactive with their user base, not communicating much in terms of these issues, which leaves the players frustrated.

Whenever a hashtag like #RipFortnite starts trending, we don’t tweet about it because we want the game to die, we tweet about it because Epic has shown in the past that they respond to big hate on social media. It’s the only way they’ll change something and that’s all we want.

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Having said all this, there is little chance of Fortnite dying any time soon. Many loyalists are happy with what they are getting from the game. They will not leave the title behind, simply because it is a unique game in its own right. As long as it is fun, it is alright.